.: Testimonials About Our Moissanite Jewellery

Here are just a few of the comments we have received from happy customers who have purchased our Moissanite rings, earrings, pendants or loose stones:

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Just wanted to let you know I received the ring. It is beautiful,and I want to thank you all for your wonderful work. You and this wonderful company impress me so much!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!! Duana , Arcadia
The ring is absolutely stunning! I can't stop looking at it.The quality and design are just remarkable! This ring was a 5th-anniversary upgrade and I honestly don't think I'll ever need another replacement.Thank you for my forever ring. Nickeisha, Edmonton
In 2016 I gave my girlfriend a beautiful pair of earrings from North Star. In March of 2017 I proposed to her with a beautiful ring, also from North Star. The ring almost wasn't ready in time, but thanks to Andy,I was able to get the ring the very day I planned to propose on our 4th anniversary. And now, we are getting married on March 10th of this year and we're together ordering this gorgeous band. Thank you for the lovely jewelry you've produced and the part it played in our wonderful love story. Todd, Toronto
just received it Thanks so much for the fantastic service And outstanding looking ring Shawn,
Just got it. I LOVE it!! I am going to push everyone to buy this instead of diamonds. Thank you so so much for all your help. Rest assured that I will be buying more!!!! Rosie Rosie, Markham
I just received my rings and I absolutely love them. The wedding band is perfect. Thank you so much for everything. Katrina, Toronto
I have received my order and I am very very satisfied. Thank you for your exceptional service. I will be purchasing from you again in the future. Cheers Terry, Surrey, BC
So to update you, I received the ring & it really is amazing!! The craftsmanship is mind blowing & the design is also excellent. The stone is brilliantly cut & looks great in natural sunlight & well lit rooms. I am really happy. I have gone ahead & bought this as I really like the ring in itself & I gave it to my wife immediately. She was pretty thrilled & very appreciative of the fact that it is not a diamond. She plans to wear it every day. We had looked into Moissanite & wanted to buy it once & see for ourselves. I have been to local jewellers here & the Moissanites i had seen were far inferior in colour, cut & clarity than from your company. Must say I do not think we will buy diamonds anymore. Thank you so much for a good experience & a lovely ring. I am sure we would be placing our next order soon. Regards Visachi, Mississauga
Thank you so much. I am thrilled with the ring. I am sure my wife will love it. I will recommend you highly to all my friends. I will be ordering the pendant for my wife for Christmas in November. Craig, Minden, ON
I received the ring and have worn it for a couple of days to get used to it. I absolutely love it! Thank you for all your help. I will definitely order from North Star again! Have a good long weekend! Nikki, Calgary
I received the rings last week, they look great! My fiance and I were very excited to wear them, but due to a certain superstition and family tradition, we are not allowed to wear the rings until we are married. I bet they will fit our fingers because we made sure we gave you the correct ring sizes. I look at the rings everyday and can't wait to finally wear them. I will definitely purchase moissanite from North Star in the future now that I have seen how brilliant they look. I would like to thank you for all your help and effort. I appreciate it, a lot. You are the best! Again, thank you very much for everything! Robert & Anna, Toronto
I received my ring on Friday. Thank you so so soooo much! I absolutely love it!! Nadia, Brampton, ON
Thank you for your wonderful service. My husband ordered the WS990 set on October 11th and it arrived yesterday. I have only seen a picture of the rings, but they look beautiful. I can't wait to put them on my finger tomorrow. Thank you for making this a better experience than the first company we dealt with. I will recommend North Star to my friends and family. Victoria, Corbyville, ON
I just received my ring today and I have to say it's GORGEOUS! It far exceeded my expectations. I was a little apprehensive the moissanite would have an unsightly greenish hue, especially since it's a larger (7.5 mm) stone, but it is simply beautiful: a nice crystal-clear white, with LOTS of dazzle in the moments of sunshine we're getting here today. The setting is very beautiful too. The photo on your website doesn't do the ring justice. I will definitely proudly announce to all those who stare at it and comment on the beautiful "diamond", that it is in fact a moissanite stone and that I ordered it from your company! Thanks again, Sincerely, Sharon, Ottawa
I think Moissanite is so amazing and given that you're one of the only (the only?) retailer in Canada, I think you deserve way more recognition! I know people who've purchased diamond rings for triple the price that look half as nice as mine does, and I really really think more people should consider "diamond alternatives". One other thing, I didn't do any of the ordering, but my fiancé tells me you were very helpful and the ring was shipped over night express at no charge because the ring took longer than expected to be ready?! Thumbs up to North Star!! Thanks again, Julie, Lyn, ON
Thank you! FedEx delivered the ring this morning at 10:27 ( not 7:27 ). Outstanding! Simply gorgeous! The quality is remarkable. The customer service is right-on perfect!! I am very happy. You truly have a wonderful company. You have an amazing quality product teamed together with amazing customer support. Extremely well done and appreciated. Thank you so much. A wedding is truly a Blessed special occasion that happens once in a lifetime. Dealing with North Star has sincerely made my engagement perfect. Thank you! Have a great week. Sincerely with kind regards, Peter, Sudbury, ON
I took the ring to a jewelry store tonight for a cleaning, and had them inspect the centre stone. The best part was the store clerk said it was one of the most beautiful diamonds she had seen, and she told me it was a beautiful color and the clarity was stunning! LOVE IT! I am so thrilled that she thought it was a real diamond. She studied it for over a minute with her magnifying glass tool, it was very interesting watching her face. Thanks for a gorgeous ring, and a great price! Elizabeth, Airdrie, AB
Good afternoon, I have received the ring, and it is absolutely stunning and can't wait to slip it on her finger. I have no regrets about ordering with you guys over the Internet. Thanks again! James, Calgary
My fiancé's ring is spectacular, the gold is so heavy and the stones are impressive, very stylish/different. And I'm getting an amazing number of "wows" and comments on my engagement ring. People tell me it's the most gorgeous ring they've ever seen, the setting, the stones, etc. They have no idea it's not diamond, and we don't tell them - why would we when they are so awestruck at this ring? We really appreciated the free shipping, and how the courier and the communication with you via email were both fast and reliable. D., Pubnico, NS
OMG, I just received my ring and I can't tell you how excited and thrilled I am. Let me say that I was VERY skeptical about purchasing something this major over the net, sight-unseen. I was pondering the purchase for almost a year. Well, not only am I super-pleased with my purchase, it is better than I expected, and I will certainly make future purchases with North Star. North Star was great replying to all my email questions quickly with much assurance. I love love love it!! Thank you! Kathy, Toronto