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North Star is exclusively an on-line retailer.

North Star offers you a stunning collection of dazzling jewellery set with Charles & Colvard-created Moissanite. All of North Star's synthetic diamond jewellery come with Charles & Colvard's Limited Lifetime Warranty that your Moissanite will never cloud, change its colour, or lose its fire or luster. Moissanite will last forever...

We now carry the new and improved FOREVER ONE™ Moissanites introduced by Charles & Colvard, which are whiter and brighter than ever before. This brand of synthetic diamonds is quickly becoming a best-seller, and we will soon make all our jewellery available in FOREVER ONE™ Moissanite. Please ask us if you would like your Moissanite jewellery set with FOREVER ONE™ Moissanite instead. All our prices are in Canadian Dollars (CAD).

North Star is also very confident you will be so delighted with its Moissanite jewellery that it offers a "30 day Money Back Guarantee" (see our moissanite jewellery policies for details).

Established in 2004, North Star Moissanite Canada is the first online Canadian company that has been serving customers all over the world with high-quality created Moissanite jewellery at very affordable prices. We pride ourselves in providing you with the best synthetic diamonds in the world in our dazzling collection of Moissanite jewellery. Unlike other fake diamonds such as cubic zirconia and asha, our Moissanite diamonds not only look and feel like diamonds, but they are also as beautiful and as durable as diamonds. It is our commitment to provide you with superior quality Moissanite jewelry and also with the quality service you deserve.

Why Choose North Star Moissanite?

All of our jewellery comes with Charles & Colvard's Certificate of Authenticity and Limited Lifetime Warranty. We guarantee your satisfaction with every purchase from North Star Moissanite Canada. If you are not pleased with your purchase of our jewellery for any reason, you may return it to us within 30 days (see our moissanite jewellery return policy for details). We will gladly give you that "peace-of-mind"!

North Star Moissanite Canada will also provide free shipping and insurance for all Canadian destinations and very competitive rates for shipment to the United States and the rest of the world.

Why Choose Moissanite Diamonds?

Needless to say, Moissanite is most definitely the ultimate synthetic diamond on earth, rivaling all other fake diamonds. With more fire, more luster and more brilliance than diamond, Moissanite even passes as a diamond when tested using a conventional diamond tester. It even fooled most professional jewellers and best of all, it is only one-tenth the cost of real diamond. Just like diamond, Moissanite will also last forever and unlike cubic zirconia or other fake diamonds, it will never scratch, fade, cloud or change colour over time.

Moissanites are "H to J" in colour, which is similar to many diamonds which also fall into this range of colour. Moissanites are typically VS1 in clarity when using the diamond grading system as a benchmark. With the new and enhanced FOREVER BRILLIANT™ Moissanites introduced by Charles & Colvard in 2012, now even the larger size Moissnaites are near colourless and whiter than standard Moissanites. Learn more about why you should consider buying Charles & Colvard-created moissanite.

Since 2004, we are very happy to be a part of many special occasions and pleased hear compliments about our jewellery and service as posted on our Testimonials About Moissanite Diamonds page. We will continue to bring you the best quality Moissanites and FOREVER BRILLIANT™ Moissanites set in our exquisite collection of solid gold Canadian jewellery. It is our ultimate goal to make acquiring fine Canadian Moissanite jewellery online an exciting and very satisfying experience for you!